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Bachelor Digital Business Management

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AUGUST 24, 2021
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Programme in partnership with CREA INSEEC U.

The Bachelor’s Program in Business Development is a 3-year program to build a career path and acquire the expertise needed thanks to a wide array of skills, in terms of both knowhow and soft skills.

EBS Genève keypoints
  • 3 years course
  • 1 Digital Learning Expedition in San Francisco
  • 10 months internship
  • Academic semester in London
  • Language: English
  • Campus: Geneva
  • 180 ECTS Credits
  • Business centre available to participants
  • Grant and finance plan available
EBS Genève keypoints
  • A secondary education diploma
  • A French or international Baccalauréat, or any qualification deemed to be equivalent
  • A general knowledge certificate
  • A Swiss school certificate (Maturité fédérale)
  • A Swiss CFC (certificat fédéral de capacité).
  • Course fees for 3 years: CHF 49500.-

Year 1
60 ECTS credits

In short

Sustainable Development - Creativity through Art and Theater - Coding Factory - Workshop on negotiation techniques and 1st sales internship

Business Environment

  • Geopolitics
  • MS Office Tools
  • Law
  • Economic
  • Analysis and Policy
  • Culture and Society
  • European Cooperation and Development


  • General Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Management Mathematics


  • Marketing Basics
  • Selling Techniques
  • Marketing and Strategic Communication
  • Sustainable Development


  • Sociology and Management
  • The Humanities
  • Entrepreneur Facets
  • Negotiation Techniques

Soft skills & Personal Branding

  • Destination Job
  • Collaboration

Sales Internship

  • From 4 to 8 weeks

Digital Tools & Creativity

  • Creativity throught Art & Theatre
  • Coding Factory
  • Introduction to UX

Year 2
60 ECTS credits

In short

Digital Learning Expedition (3 weeks in San Francisco) - Product launch workshop

Business Environment

  • Geopolitics
  • Law
  • Microeconomics
  • International Monetary Economics
  • MS Office
  • Tools


  • Critical Thinking
  • Human Resource
  • Management
  • Business and Management
  • Practice Ethics
  • Business Games
  • Project
  • Management
  • Organizational Management
  • New Business Models of the Digital Economy

Marketing and the Digital World

  • Marketing & Innovation
  • Digital Learning
  • Expedition (3 weeks in San Francisco
  • E-Commerce
  • Product Launch


  • Financial Mathematics
  • Cost Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Audit

Digital Tools & Creativity

  • Creativity through Art & Theatre
  • Blockchain
  • Design & Prototyping

Soft skills & Personal Branding

  • Destination Job
  • Borderless Project
  • Leadership

Year 3
60 ECTS credits

In short

100% international year - 2nd 6-month internship - Workshops Growth Hacking & Artificial intelligence - Workshop creation of a digital bank - 1 semester on the London campus

Academic semester in London taught

  • Growth Hacking
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Coding
  • Start-Up Finance, Venture Capital
  • Student Project: Creating a Digital Bank
  • “London Global City”
  • Advanced English
  • Public Speaking and Presentations Skills
  • Prototyping & Innovation
  • Digital Business

Professional internship abroad

  • 6 months

Today, every company is a digital company

In every country, in every industry, economic models and traditional processes are being transformed by the powerful gains made by technological innovation, by the opening up of the world and by new ways of managing companies. Just think of companies such as Uber, Netflix or Airbnb, which didn’t even exist 10 years ago. Today, they carry out their business activities with new processes and new tools that require a depth of skills and remarkable open mindedness.
Via innovative instruction, based around ©EDIC (Entrepreneurship, Digital, Innovation and Creativity), project-based teaching (Learning By Building) and international experience for multicultural immersion, this programme has been designed to prepare you for all these new requirements in the local and international markets.
This Bachelor’s Degree enables you to obtain a double certification from EBS Genève and CREA.


Digital Officer - Data Officer - Client & eServices Manager - CRM & Loyalty Manager - E-commerce Project Manager - Responsible for sustainable development and social responsibility - Logistics Manager

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