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MBA Business Development & Entrepreneurship

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Programme in collaboration with CREA INSEEC U.

Today’s tools will be a thing of the past in ten years. Today's technology allows us to move forward at a growth rate never seen before. Managing a business today is more about predicting the economy of tomorrow rather than anticipating the peaks and ebbs of the current situation.

This MBA will allow students to understand that when they encompass strategic leadership with a solid management style, they can achieve greatness in any industry that requires technological advances never seen before.

This program will help any member of the management of an organization to develop a new level of thinking through courses that describe the main characteristics of the business of tomorrow. Exit traditional thinking methods, this is a future thinking taught in this program that will challenge you to better understand the fundamentals of the business through keen eyes.

Learn how to become a competent future manager in large organizations and develop the business with real innovations thanks to experts transmitting their know-how & their success stories, personal coaching and real practical workshops. This program is a new model for the business world of tomorrow.

EBS Genève keypoints
  • 14 month course
  • The program can be undertaken while working
  • 1 optional international trip (for example: San Francisco)
  • English language
  • Campus: Geneva
  • 120 ECTS credits
  • Business center available to participants
  • Grant and financing plan available
EBS Genève keypoints
  • Baccalaureate, Swiss diploma in marketing / communication, CFC / EFZ in marketing / communication (professional experience required) or other equivalent diploma
  • Fluent English
  • Courses, workshops, e-learning / webcast, travel and MBA project: around 900 hours
  • Full-time job or 5-month internship (to be validated by CREA and scheduled during the teaching period at school)
  • Program duration: 16 months
  • Timetable: Every two weeks + 3 full weeks of lessons (Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. - Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
  • Course price: CHF 20 500.-
  • Optional trips with additional costs adapted to the number of registered students (INSEEC San Francisco, USI Paris)

The program

New models & success stories
New products, services and experiences
Inspirational leaders
Successful business owners
The Entrepreneurial environment
360° strategy & product – services design
Crowdfunding and Start-up financing
Market research and consumers targeting
Legal IP protection and contracts
Management and change lead
HR & Talent Sourcing
Art of negotiation
Company strategic development
International Strategic B-to-B marketing
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Distribution strategy and supervision
Business Development in China, India, Meast & SE Asia
Creativity in everything (services, products, communication..)
Selling your innovation
Microeconomics of Competitiveness
Leadership, change and organizational design
Geopolitical and social trends
Large organizations & team leadership
Data, Big Data and Decision making
Organizational behavior and cross-cultural management
From Sustainable policies to sustainable businesses
Financial Partners, Senior Coaching, Business Workshops


Thanks to our large network of executives in influential companies, we have the means to make your project a reality.


Students will be able to develop their own businesses or lead the transformation within an existing organization or businesses, from our vast network of experts and decision-making contacts. We will prepare you by bringing you the skills, methods, tools and approaches to carry out your innovation projects.

EBS Genève, hiring students


Les entrepreneurs sont très appréciés et recherchés dans notre région et à l’international. C'est la valeur fondamentale qui permettra de faire face à de nombreuses nouvelles perturbations à venir et de mener les changements requis, que ce soit pour votre propre entreprise ou pour les grandes sociétés pour lesquelles vous travaillez.
Si vous sentez que vous avez un esprit entrepreneurial, alors ce programme est pour vous. Donnez-vous une chance !