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“As part of its research policy and in line with the School’s mission, IREBS has defined the general purpose of its work around this theme. “

Entrepreneurship and innovation in a new economy

Globalization and its vagaries create opportunities and challenges but also increase competition in the markets. The development of digital and information technologies has accelerated the process of interdependence in this universe of increasing competition: the exploration of new territories, the discovery of new markets, the establishment of new cooperation are possible.

To face these challenges and seize these opportunities, companies must take new steps both internally and at the stakeholder level to be able to carry out rapid and coordinated actions.

The efforts, resources and coordination that companies must implement take the form of new practices in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing, human resources, finance and strategy.


Consume in a global and digital environment

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 Finance and innovation

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Undertake and organize

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