A school within the Management sector Omnes Education


Teacher-researchers in management, develop work, putting the themes of entrepreneurship, innovation (in practice and in relationships), alliances and risk management into perspective.

A first series of research work, relates to the relationship of rules and standards through questions related to regulation and normative framing of practices.

A second series of work focuses on the manager’s adaptation strategies and the employee’s well-being in the face of changes in the work environment.

A third relates to alliances with a perspective of inter-organizational trust.

Finally, a series of work deals with entrepreneurship through questions linked to the intention to undertake the individual and cultural factors influencing the act of entrepreneurship as a whole.

Members of the Management Research Center

  • Dr. Ahmed Dammak 
  • Dr. Jeanne Le Roy
  • Dr. Edmond Passé
  • Dr. Olivier Giacomin
  • Dr. Zoubeyda Mahamadou