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The new economy has led companies to rethink their marketing strategies in order to best reach the ever-changing consumer. Therefore, observing and studying consumer behavior allows researchers and businesses to better identify their expectations and respond to them in a relevant manner, in order to provide them with an experience with high added value.

The work carried out in this field takes into account, both the points of sale, the technologies used and more generally, the marketing approach to be adopted. They relate to multiple consumption approaches, both in terms of the sales atmosphere (work on e-commerce and online shopping, as well as the emotions felt during the lived experience, personalization and customization), at the product level (monastic product, tourism, or financial service) or even at the level of technological devices (Internet of Things, smartphones).

The work carried out includes, in particular, the experiential and emotional dimension of consumption and marketing. In line with the overall theme of the laboratory, some works also focus on the entrepreneurial dimension of marketing.

Members of the Marketing Research Pole

  • Dr. Anis Charfi
  • Dr. Byung-Joon Choi
  • Dr. Souheila Kaabachi
  • Dr. Marie-Catherine Paquier