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What is EBS Geneva ?

EBS Geneva / Paris, the Business School of the new economy

EBS Geneva / EBS Paris develop a unique et job focussed program, with a strong orientation towards Entrepreneurship, Digital, innovation and Creativity (EDIC) within an international and multicultural environment. 

This program focuses on learning through action (Learning by Building) and driving projects.

  • 1st year highlights: 3 projets biased towards creativity, self discovery and professional orientation.  Sustainability, your own creativity development, coding workshops or sales techniques and negotiation and a first internship within a company. 
  • 2nd year highlights : 3 projects requiring more professionalism, linked to companies and developing a website. A 3 week digital expedition on our San Francisco campus and a Design Service workshop. 
  • 3rd year highlights : Workshops focused on Growth Hacking and Artificial Intelligence.  Accompanying students for the second internship overseas and an academic semester on the London campus.
  • 4th and 5th year highlights : The students have the possibility to follow a 4th and 5th year of Masters/MBA on either the Geneva or Paris campus.


Why EBS Geneva / EBS Paris ?

The international courses

In the first three years, each student has the possibility to follow an academic semester on the London campus and do a 6 month internship anywhere in the world. During the two years of Master speciality, the student defines their professional project and prepares their entry into international employment. In the 5th year of study, they carry out another period of immersion within a company for 6 months.

Each student is personally accompanied to know you better, so you can build your course better and identify your professional skills that will correspond to your aspirations.

Each student is personally accompanied to know you better, so you can build your course better and identify your professional skills that will correspond to your aspirations. 

Whether it’s course organisation or extra school activities, the school offers an environment that is as reassuring as it is formative or where the human relationships hold a preponderant place. 

Masterclass, team work, associations, discovery stays, group trips… Everything is worth bringing our students together and developing the team spirit.

Double Degree EBS Geneva / EBS Paris

EBS Geneva et EBS Paris offers you the unique opportunity to follow a common program, that permits you to obtain a double degree in Management with a degree recognized in France. 

This formal and reputable accreditation guarantees you a very high level of quality, superior teaching and certified international recognition.

“ At EBS, we train worldly entrepreneurs and explorers of possibility turned towards the modern day and new technology.

Welcome to the resolutely digital, international and entrepreneurial world of EBS.”


Managing Director, EBS Paris et Genève

“EBS Geneva follows the same philosophy as EBS Paris. Founded 50 years ago by visionary entrepreneurs wanting to train students with a European and International vision. 

Our programs consisting of concrete and digital business tools, thanks to the involvement of our business experts and our partner companies, permits you and professionalizes you to start your career on excellent basis.“

Alexandre WEHRLIN

Director of EBS Geneva

The dynamic Companies et Alumni

The dynamic Companies & Alumni

EBS Geneva & EBS Paris are characterized by close proximity to the companies that intervene in the courses, propose student projects and recruit many trainees. The network of prestigious Alumni inspires, helps to build and start their professional life. The internships are organized from the first year and follow on according to a progression and adjustment plan for the professional project.

The professionnalisation at EBS Geneva / EBS Paris

Agility, is the characteristic that best reflects the EBS Geneva and EBS Paris degrees. To achieve our employability goals, we intensify learning by experience. By having a maximum of experiences, whether professional, associative, sports or other, students acquire the reflexes of a good manager. In order to meet this objective, students have internships and work-study assignments throughout their course duration as well as projects to be done based on business issues.


Missions & Values

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