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Mission & Values

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The Business School of the new economy

A pioneering model since 1967, EBS Paris has defined its strategy and identity around entrepreneurship, innovation, digital know-how and creativity.

Today, 50 years later, EBS Geneva follows the same principles and the same teaching methods to address the deep and numerous challenges in our society as well as preparing our students for the opportunities that are already emerging in our network of companies.

Indeed, EBS Geneva also defines itself as a Business School of the “New Economy”. This is reflected in the integration of new technologies such as Blockchain or AI, innovative digital platforms and an environmental & entrepreneurial approach instilled in all our programs.

In addition, EBS Geneva is also project-focused, “Learning by Building” is our motto and guides our coaching work. This is why our programs consist of lectures but also seminars, workshops, coaching and real challenges given to us by our network of companies, who entrust us with mandates in different fields of application.

Thanks to this unique approach, our graduate students acquire professional knowledge and professional experiences that allow them to enter the workforce with confidence and with job prospects.

We place our students at the center of our attention and we expect you to have the values ​​of Citizenship, Open-mindedness, Responsibility and Commitment to match our involvement (CORE).

EBS Geneva & EBS Paris give you benchmarks to construct yourself as well as allowing you to create a stimulating and inspiring network, a network which today counts nearly 7,500 Alumni, distributed all over the world.